CAG Mini Grant Spotlight (1/6)

Hello from the founders of the Comics Advocacy Group! We cannot say enough how amazed we’ve been by the response to our launch. Thank you to everyone who has shared the news, donated, and offered your time and talents – and thank you to every one of the 700+ applicants to our inaugural CAG Mini Grant!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting the thirty recipients here and on social media. We look forward to expanding our grant offerings in the years to come!

A. T. Pratt

A. T. Pratt is a cartoonist, professor and paper engineer from NYC. He has been self-publishing his comics since 2010 and frequently involves the use of handmade pop-ups, foldouts, and other special features in his comic book storytelling. He teaches at School of Visual Arts and Montclair State University.

For more information, and to follow A. T., visit

Akira Brown

Akira Brown is a Comics Writer, Editor, and the Publisher of WildStar Press. In every aspect of their craft they’re focused on uplifting the voices of diverse creatives and advocating that representation matters not just in the stories they write and edit, but in the industry as well.

For more information, and to follow Akira, visit

Alyssa Read

Alyssa is a disabled comic artist and illustrator living in the Portland area. She focuses her work on inclusivity of disabled, queer, and minority voices.

For more information, and to follow Alyssa, visit

Barbara Perez Marquez

Barbara Perez Marquez was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, now she lives in the USA. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing and writes short stories and fiction. Her next graphic novel, The Library of Memories, is out in 2025.

For more information, and to follow Barbara, visit

Bre Indigo

Bre Indigo creates stories of and for gentle boys, strong girls, folk that are in between, and outside gender roles entirely. Their work strives to represent humanity’s different forms of love, and encourage readers to be intentional in the ways they choose to engage with others and the world around them.

For more information, and to follow Bre, visit

More About the CAG Mini Grant

The CAG Mini Grant provides small, unrestricted funding to comic creators who reside within the United States and are in need of additional resources. As the cost of food and rent are growing prohibitive, many creators find themselves taking on additional work with time they do not have in order to make ends meet. Our goal in offering this $500 mutual aid grant is to give cartoonists some time and space to work on the projects most important to them.

This launch effort was made possible by many wonderful donors. If you would like to contribute to our future grants and other initiatives, please consider making a tax-deductible donation (or setting up a recurring donation) – or let us know if you’d be interested in sharing your expertise as an in-kind contribution

If you would like to receive updates from the Comics Advocacy Group, please follow us on social media (twitterbluesky) and we’ll let you know the moment we have our newsletter up and running. We are a young nonprofit, and your support makes all the difference. Thank you!!

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